Advanced Engineering 2019

Two Dissimilar Compounds Combine to Make One Strong Clamp

22 April 2008

When Too Kool Recreation wanted to develop a portable shade system that would allow a canopy umbrella to stand anywhere, even in a swimming pool, they chose a high-impact compound and a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) from RTP.

Amber Composites and Arkema Collaborate on Prepreg Systems

22 April 2008

Amber Composites and Arkema have entered into a collaborative agreement to develop the next generation of high performance prepreg systems based on Arkema’s Graphistrength multi-wall carbon nanotubes and Amber’s proprietary resins.

New Project Develops Future Generations of Plastics

22 April 2008

A multi-partner UK project, FuturePlas, is developing the next generation of innovative, sustainable self-reinforced plastics, with funding support from the Technology Strategy Board.