Saertex Celebrates 25th Anniversary

16 September 2007

Saertex, the manufacturer of stitch bonded non crimp fabrics (NCFs) for composite applications, is 25 years old.

Everything started back in 1982 with only six employees when at the beginning the idea was to use textile processes for the creation of fibre reinforced composites. After 25 years a global company with more than 700 employees has evolved.

“This astonishingly paced development is attributable to our employees, customers and business associates”, said Bruno Lammers CEO of the Saertex group. Saertex manufactures at six locations in Germany, France, South Africa, the USA and India with further sites opening soon in Portugal and China.

A detailed overview of the many areas of use of non crimp composite materials made of glass, carbon and aramid fibres can be seen on the company’s new presentation movie on their web site.

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