New Blown Film Extrusion Line for Small Bore Vacuum Bag and Release Film Tubing

30 October 2007

Airtech Europe has expanded its film extrusion production capability with new multilayer small bore tube film extrusion equipment for vacuum bag and release film in the Luxembourg plant. The new Airtech equipment manufactures tubes from 2” (50 mm) up to 22” (560 mm). With the established Airtech equipment, tubes up to 4,57 m are already available. The recently invested machine has the ability to extrude multilayer films, which allows combinations of different materials with different characteristics such as release properties and leak-free vacuum bagging in one product. Airtech says that the multilayer technology in small bore tubing offers process improvement during the manufacture of complex hollow composite parts. The new products now available are Dahlar Release Bag 375R, Dahlar Release Bag 921 and Dahlar Release Bag 460, films which have been developed for manufacturers of hollow parts such as bicycle components and fishing rods.

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