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Specialty Products Launches KleenTool

24 October 2007

Specialty Products launched KleenTool for the North American market at the 2007 Composites & Polycon Expo in Tampa, Florida.

""At Specialty Products we strive to bring new technologies to market that will bring value to our customers."" said Ernie Ballester, Business Director of Specialty Products. ""KleenTool fulfills this objective in that it performs extremely well as a cleaning solution and helps organizations improve worker safety and lower operating expenses, such as insurance costs.""

KleenTool is a direct, water-based tool cleaning replacement for acetone which is known have health and safety issues

""Being water-based, KleenTool can be used without the fear of fire and health issues associated with acetone. Our product is supplied as a concentrate, allowing for easy storage, and when needed is simply mixed with water and warmed before use."" No special washing equipment is needed either. Simply place a small submersible heater in a tub and add the water-based cleaning solution. The tools are cleaned in seconds. Over time, the solution can be filtered and reused. Companies can benefit from its use in many ways and that brings value to an organization.""

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