SGL Plans to Triple Carbon Fibre Capacities

07 October 2007

The SGL Group plans to triple its carbon fibre production capacity to as much as 12,000 metric tons by 2012, with facilities at Inverness, Evanston and Meitingen.

In addition to the announced expansion of the Inverness location (Scotland) to an annual production of approximately 4,000 metric tons by the end of 2008, there are also plans to expand the Evanston location (Wyoming/USA) and to establish a new carbon fibre production site at Meitingen (Germany) with similar production capacities. The Group intends to invest a total of around €300 million in these measures over the coming five years.

For the Carbon Fibers & Composites (CFC) business unit, SGL Group plans to increase sales in the four business lines Carbon Fibers, Composite Materials, Composite Components and Brake Disks by considerably more than 15% per annum. Against the 2006 figures, total sales of SGL Group should increase by 40% to 50% by 2011.

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