Pre-Preg Thermoset Composite Suits Slot Cell Insulation

15 November 2007

Norplex-Micarta has launched NP511B, a pre-preg thermoset composite material used for slot cell insulation, steel coating, and other high temperature applications.

NP511B can be moulded in conjunction with abrasion-resistant substrates such as Kevlar or Nomex and is designed reduce or eliminate surface wear damage to copper and steel components in generators. Norplex-Micarta says that the resulting custom composite offers long life in wear applications without the risk of damage to sensitive equipment due to abrasion-generated dust particles.

NP511B is composed of an electrical grade epoxy resin combined with a woven glass substrate. Its non-brominated resin system offers high mechanical strength at temperatures up to 170°C. When cured properly, NP511B retains half of its room temperature flexural strength at temperatures up to 150°C.

The power generation industry relies on high temperature pre-pregs that can endure extreme heat and mechanical conditions. Physical properties include resilience at elevated temperatures; tensile, compressive, shear, and flexural strength; creep resistance; abrasion resistance; and electrical insulation properties.

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