Reifenhauser and nova-Institut Offer WPC Innovation Award

08 May 2007

For the first time, Reifenhauser and nova-Institut are offering an innovation award for wood plastic composites (WPCs), in even two categories.

The categories are product innovation and technique/process innovation. The award aims at highlighting the present developments of this young industry, thus embedding this material in the consciousness of engineers and decision makers. The presentation and award ceremony will take place in the framework of the Second German WPC Congress (4-5 December 2007) in Cologne.

The innovation award aims to raise awareness of innovative ideas in both product development and product design sectors, as well new technologies, methods, tools and formulations, the idea being to stimulate the development of new applications that are appropriate for WPCs.

The category “product innovations” focuses on any product consisting of WPC (according to the nova definition) with a wood content of at least 50%. This product should have been introduced to the market in 2007 or its market introduction should be imminent. Theoretical ideas, mere product samples without a marketing concept or design studies are not accepted.

In the category of technology and process innovations, special developments in the field of process optimisation, mechanical engineering and tool making, formulations or similar topics will be awarded. The technology term is intentionally widely defined here. These innovations should be used for the first time in 2007 or at least ready to be produced on an industrial scale.

The Second German WPC Congress is once again being organised by the nova-Institut with support from numerous partners, sponsors and associations. More than 300 international trade visitors are expected.

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