BigHead's TwinDisk Fastenings for Composite Panels

26 March 2007

A technical partnership between Bighead and Caparo Vehicle Products has resulted in a new, high-performance fastener for composite materials.

The Twindisk has two heads, or disks, joined by an internally-threaded collar or a threaded stud. A hole is drilled into the panel; adhesive applied; and the Twindisk pushed into the cavity. The bottom disk is glued to the bottom skin, and the top disk to the top skin (rebated or surface-mounted).

Tensile, shear and lateral loads are efficiently transferred to both skins. Male versions are supplied with adjustable top heads, fitting depths from 5mm to 100+mm. Threads are M4 to M16 (male or female). Head diameters are 20mm, 30mm and 40mm; other sizes can be supplied.

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