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Global Vehicle Systems Forms Global Composite Manufacturing Inc

25 March 2007

Global Vehicle Systems has secured a contract with Calgary-based RS Technologies to improve its innovative utility pole manufacturing process and assume sole responsibility for the manufacture of its composite RStandard utility pole modules.

This new activity will be carried out by a new subsidiary company, Global Composite Manufacturing Inc. (GCM). It is expected that this new facility will generate approximately 100 permanent positions in 2007 as well as 50-60 temporary jobs that will be required to initially start-up production. All production for the next 24 months has already been sold to HD Supply a division of Home Depot. The value of this contract is approximately $60M.

The RStandard poles are made from polyurethane resin, a durable composite material that is lightweight and immune to rot, corrosion and pests. The poles eliminate the need for wood utility poles and the toxic preservatives that are used in other poles.

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