Comfil Thermoplastic Composites Launched to Orthotics and Prosthetics

25 March 2007

Comfil has entered into a close cooperation with Centri in Sweden for exclusive world-wide marketing of Comfil products within the orthotic and prosthetic industries.

The Comfil thermoformable composites are different combinations of carbon or glass reinforced composites with mainly a low temperature polyester matrix, which are combined into suitable layers of material for building up orthotic or prosthetic aids.

“The advantages of the Comfil thermoplastic products are numerous compared with the present use of glass or carbon reinforced materials with thermoset matrix material “, says Bengt Randström, President of Centri.

“Our customers, professional surgical appliance shops can benefit from these thermoformable composites as they save time, the material can be adjusted and no solvents are used.”

“We are sure that, once the orthotists and prosthetists have tried out this new system, they will see the benefits it can offer. Additional products will be developed and the demand for thermo formable composites will increase”, said Henning Bak ,Managing Director of Comfil.

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