Polinox MEKP Capacity Expansion

24 June 2007

Brazil’s largest producer of organic peroxides and mould release waxes, Polinox will increase its production capacity for methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) by 50%.

“Based on the new distillation column, we will have a nominal capacity of 180 tons per month”, said Roberto Pontifex, Director. According to the Polinox timetable, the expansion should be concluded in around 45 days.

“We are going to increase our average stocks, which will eliminate any possibility of market supply gaps during the peak demand phases”, explained Pontifex. The expansion also allows Polinox to operate two fully independent plants separated by different bunkers. “This increases staff security and avoids production interruptions”, he said. The bunkers are walls made of concrete and steel used to isolate the peroxide production area.

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