Bob Sweet receives Brandt Goldsworthy Pultruder of the Year 2007 Award

19 June 2007

Delegates at the Global Pultrusion Conference held on June 7th and 8th at the Tremont Grand Conference Centre in Baltimore choose Mr. Robert Sweet in a secret ballot as the undisputed winner of the Brandt Goldsworthy Pultruder of the Year 2007 Award.

Out of 7 candidates, Bob Sweet got almost 2/3 of the vote. The arguments for Sweet’s anonymously made nominations were very flattering for him as candidate:

“Bob Sweet founded Creative Pultrusions and has led them successfully for well over 30 years. His company has developed countless profiles in a variety of industries. He has been instrumental in the growth of the overall pultrusion industry and has developed outstanding technology in pultruded structures. Bob has had the foresight to overcome many engineering problems and put pultruded sections into their rightful place as structural sections. Bob Sweet consistently supported new product applications such as bridge decks and building applications”.

Bob received the prestigious Award, represented by a small artistic statue, called “Chapeau”, out of the hands of the Global Pultrusion Conference organizer, Mr. Jaap Ketel and Professor Dr. James Vaughan on behalf of the Conference Committee during an evening Dinner Cruise on the Baltimore Harbor.

The other 6 nominees were Mr. Luigi Giamundo, Director ATP, Italy; Mr. David Johnson, President Ebert Composites Corporation, USA; Dr. Ayman S. Mosallam, Professor University of California at Irvine, USA; Mr. Eric Moussiaux, Manager EXEL Belgium; Mr. Peter Pfaff, Glasforms, USA (Second place); and Mr. Henrik Thorning, MD Fiberline AS Denmark (Third place).

The Global Pultrusion Conference was held a first time in the USA and will be succeeded on March 26-28, 2008 by the EPTA World Pultrusion Conference at Hotel Crowne Plaza St. Peter in Rome, Italy.

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