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Vectorply Expands VectorUltra Product Line with Carbon Fabrics

29 July 2007

Vectorply has expanded its high performance line of multi-axial reinforcement fabrics to include ultra light-weight double bias (±45º), biaxial (0°/90°), quadraxial (0°/+45°/90°/-45°), and unidirectional carbon fabrics.

According to Trey Sawtelle, Vectorply Vice President of Sales, “The addition of these carbon products provides even more opportunities for innovation from the talented engineers working with and for our customers.” The VectorUltra product line now includes carbon reinforcement fabrics with areal weights ranging from 4.5oz/yd² up to 24oz/yd² (150 g/m² up to 800 g/m²).

Trevor Gundberg, VectorUltra Product Manager, indicated that VectorUltra carbon fibre reinforcements will always be in stock. “What we have found,” claimed Mr. Gundberg “is that our customers were having a hard time getting the advanced fabrics they needed for their specialized applications. That’s why Vectorply has decided to step up to insure these demands can be met. Vectorply is committed to having a good selection of VectorUltra fabrics available for quick delivery to our customers.”

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