EPTA Will Become Member of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)

29 July 2007

The board of EPTA, the European branch association for the pultrusion industry has decided to become a formal member of EuCIA.

EuCIA, a non-profit organisation according to Belgian law (INPA) with registered offices at B-1000 Brussels, Av. De Cortenbergh 66 is the European federation for the composite Industry. Members are the national federations of the composite industry and European branch associations, such as EPTA. EuCIA itself is a sector group of EuPC, the European Federation for Plastic Converters.

EPTA and EuCIA will align their portfolio of activities towards a larger scope and/or a lower cost and EuCIA will propose a financial structure in which EPTA can continue to operate under certain autonomy, retaining its own membership base.

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