Milliken Rebrands MFT as Tegris

23 July 2007

Milliken has rebranded MFT, its 100% PP thermoplastic composite, as Tegris, preceding an Autumn introduction of a communications and business development program.

“Milliken’s focus on continuous improvement applies to its marketing as well as its product development,” said Todd Kleman, Marketing Strategist with the company’s Specialty Industrial Business. “Earlier this year, we decided we needed to revise the branding to capitalize on opportunities for growth in our various markets.”

The new name is derived from the Latin tegeris, which means “you are shielded.” It’s also meant to communicate the composite’s strength and structural integrity. The new name and logo will be paired with the brand’s existing icon, a triangle with three interior sections that symbolize the composite’s three key benefits.

“We wanted a powerful new name that would resonate with our customers and work on a global basis,” Kleman said. “We think Tegris represents an elegant approach to impact resistance and stiffness, with definitive opportunities for weight reduction.”

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