Airtech Europe Inaugurates Its New Office Building in Luxembourg

15 July 2007

Airtech Europe has added a 1000 square metre administration building to its Luxembourg complex, with a further 6000 square metre extension planned for 2009.

Jeannot Krécké (Ministre de l’Economie Grand Duché de Luxembourg), William Dahlgren (CEO and creator of Airtech Advanced Materials Group), Jeff Dahlgren (President of Airtech Advanced Materials Group), Dennis Waterkotte (Executive Vice-President of Airtech Advanced Materials Group) and Wolfgang Stratmann (General Manager of Airtech Europe SA) were proud to inaugurate the new administration building of Airtech Europe in Differdange in front of about 80 distributors, managers and regional politicians.

""We are very proud of such a growth in our domain. When I began to work in the aeronautics 30 years ago, we did not speak about composite materials yet and we were far from imagining itself "" said Mr Stratmann, General Manager of Airtech Europe S.A.

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