Sunreef Starts Building its 15th Sunreef 62 Catamaran

08 July 2007

Sunreef Yachts has started to build its 15th unit Sunreef 62 Catamaran of COMPOSITE materials, based on resin infusion technology recently introduced in their yacht manufacturing process.

Sunreef one of the few shipyards in the world building semi custom yachts using epoxy resins coupled with glass and carbon fibres, and they claim that the use of epoxy is worthy of closer attention where the primary concern is high quality, strength and longevity. For fully customized yachts, a customer can also choose the option of a structure engineered entirely in carbon fibre.

As a natural consequence of technical progress at Sunreef, they are introducing two new models, the Sunreef 67 Power and Sailing, made of epoxy in its standard version, and a new Sunreef 78 Power.

Sunreef manufacture semi custom and custom yachts, sail and power catamarans, together with their own masts and booms of carbon epoxy.

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