Chem-Trend Combats Pre-Release Issues on Large Parts

08 July 2007

Chem-Trend has introduced a new mould release system developed specifically for applications where pre-release is a concern.

Chemlease CPR is a semi-permanent mould release product that Chem-Trend say offers a number of benefits to the moulding industry. John Lundin, North American Sales Manager for Chem-Trend's Composites line, believes the CPR is a breakthrough product and addresses a long-standing industry problem.

""Ask just about any moulder of large parts, and there is an underlying concern with pre-release in these applications. The Chemlease CPR product was developed for applications on very large parts that are typically prone to pull away from the mold surface before moulders have had a chance to back the part with glass and resin. Our new CPR product has shown dramatic results in tests and now in field applications. The bottom line is that this product works - and works well!""

Lundin added that the increase in performance doesn't come at the cost of longer cure times or part quality. ""The application procedure and cure times of the Chemlease CPR are fast, simple and provide multiple releases while maintaining a high gloss, Class A finish.""

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