NetComposites Launches Composites Virtual Consultant - VirCon

01 July 2007

NetComposites has launched the VirCon composites consultant on its web site, a free interactive online tool that provides users with high quality introductory information on composite materials and processes

VirCon, VIRtual CONsultant in composites, provides hundreds of pages of high-quality introductory information on all aspects of polymer composites and is divided into seven sections, each dealing with an important aspect of composite materials, processing and applications:

▪ Composite Overview
▪ Material Choices
▪ Manufacturing Methods
▪ Structure Design
▪ Service & Support Issues
▪ Material Selector
▪ Properties Evaluation

The tool was developed by Merl and Rapra Technology with funding from the UK Government under the Materials Measurement Programme of the UK Department of Trade and Industry.

The tool can be accessed through the NetComposites site or directly at the following link:

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