Composites Centers Team to Advance Commercialization

28 May 2006

The National Composite Center (NCC) and Composites Innovation Centre (CIC) Manitoba Inc have agreed to collaborate in the development and commercialization of composite materials and process technologies.

Cooperative projects will target sheet moulding compounds, process technologies for nano-, bio- and long fibre thermoplastic and thermoset materials and applications for closed moulding, preforming, rapid prototyping and design optimization and analysis.

“The CIC supports industry in rapidly developing and commercializing composite technologies,” said Sean McKay, Executive Director for CIC. “This is accomplished, in part, through collaboration with technical experts in the field. CIC felt that by having a strong relationship with the NCC, we would be much more effective in meeting our clients’ expectations and requirements and, conversely, so would NCC. This agreement provides the mechanism that will allow our unique skills and technologies to be readily available for each other’s use.”

The agreement between the two centres is supported by CIC’s federal funding agency Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) through the Enhanced Representation Initiative (ERI) to enhance and formalize the relationship between Ohio and Manitoba-based companies, NCC and CIC.

“NCC is recognized as a premier commercialization agent for advanced materials technology,” said Lou Luedtke, President and CEO of NCC. “The Center is in the business of helping companies leverage the advantages of composites by continually developing cost effective processes and manufacturing techniques that make that possible. This agreement provides another critical component in our objective to extend the reach of NCC both nationally and internationally. By continuing to make global connections in a global economy, NCC is able to place the strength of these resources at the fingertips of Ohio businesses and US industries.”

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