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CCP Launches Innovative Coating and Resin Technology

28 January 2007

Cook Composites and Polymers (CCP) has introduced its ImEdge Series of innovative polymer coating and resin technologies.

“The chemistry of these new products has been developed to advance our industry beyond the limits of conventional in-mould products,” said Paul Colonna, CCP’s Vice President for Composites.

“While the existing gel coat technology has been excellent and has served our industry well for the past forty odd years, it has obviously had its limitations,” Mr. Colonna continued. “The ImEdge line establishes a new foundation - a new base line - for in-mould coatings technology. Concepts we once perceived as unattainable - like zero HAPS, weatherproof, crackproof, blushproof - are becoming very realistic possibilities. CCP is now perfectly positioned to address these industry needs while, at the same time, bringing something truly remarkable and completely new to the marketplace.”

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