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Professional Plastics to Offer Composite Manufacturing Supplies

14 January 2007

Professional Plastics has teamed up with De-Comp Composite to offer a full-line of composite manufacturing support materials.

Through the partnership with Professional Plastics, the companies will offer; Vacuum Bag Films; Release Films, Liquids, and Fabrics; Adhesive and Sealant Tapes; Autoclave Valves and Hoses; Castable Urethane Elastomer; Tooling Resins, and Tool Support Structures. Under the terms of the agreement, DeComp will provide materials and technical support while Professional Plastics will handle local stock and logistical sales and marketing support. Professional Plastics maintains 12 warehouses nationwide and operates in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Montana, Utah and New York.

The arrangement encompasses the complete line of DeComp products which covers nearly all aspects of composite structure and tooling manufacturing. DeComp's technical support provides practical experience and training in tooling, manufacturing, lay-up, and engineering of composite structures.

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