Premix Thermoplastics Introduces New EMI Shielding Compounds

05 May 2006

Premix Thermoplastics, Inc., a custom compounder of electrically conductive thermoplastic compounds, has introduced a full line of EMI shielding compounds for electronic enclosures called PRE-ELEC EMI.

These new products complete Premix¹s line of EMI shielding compounds for the complete electronics enclosure. Premix says that it has, or can develop, specialty compounds to solve EMI problems in most electronics enclosures.

PRE-ELEC EMI compounds utilize stainless steel fibres, carbon fibres, or nickel coated carbon fibres to provide EMI shielding capability. Presently these compounds are available in PP, ABS, POM, PC, PBT, PA-6, PA-66, PPS, PSul, PES and PEEK. Other polymer systems that contain these conductive additives are TPU¹s, and various fluoropolymers.

Compounds using carbon fibres or nickel coated carbon fibre additives are available only in fully compounded forms. Compounds containing 30% carbon fibre additives can provide >30 dB electromagnetic interference attenuation. At 40% carbon fibre, it is possible to achieve >40 dB shielding effectiveness (SE), and at 50% carbon fibre >50 dB SE can be obtained. Nickel coated carbon fibres can be effective with as little as 15% in the compound, and they can provide upwards of 90 dB shielding effectiveness at higher loadings.

Premix Thermoplastics, Inc. is a subsidiary of Premix Oy, a major manufacturer of electrically conductive compounds in Europe.

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