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Belzona Introduces Riser Repair Application Technology

05 May 2006

Belzona, the UK-based manufacturer of protective coatings and repair composites, presented its application for riser repair and protection at the recent Offshore Technology Conference.

Belzona's senior oil and gas team engineers demonstrated how their polymeric composites, with their ability to cure under ambient, wet and in-service conditions, can be used for repairs to risers on offshore oil drilling vessels. These applications result in decreased downtime and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

A riser that is corroded/eroded to where it is no longer capable of functioning could cost the industry up to $200,000 per day if it stands idle. The Belzona composites used in the riser application are said to provide a quick, easy-to-apply and cost-effective solution to a common industry problem.

""Belzona is used by the oil and gas industry worldwide because our polymeric repairs are cost-effective and offer longevity, dependability, and flexibility not found with conventional repairs,"" said Dave Rice, Business Development Manager - Oil & Gas, Belzona Polymerics Ltd.

The impact of the Belzona composites to a number of applications -- both in production and auxiliary systems -- is important, explains Rice. ""It's similar to that of the tensioners since their introduction in the mid-1960s.""

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