SPI 2006 Alliance of Plastic Processors Awards Recognize Composites

30 April 2006

A wide range of products showcasing the latest in design technology, including many from composites, were honoured at the New Product Design Competition, held in conjunction with the Alliance of Plastic Processors’ (APP) 2006 Plastics Parts Innovation Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

Amongst the award winners was Composite Products for a glass/polypropylene tractor roof, pictured. Category awards also went to LRM Industries for their ISO Container H-Beam, Pelican Products for Pelican Protector Cases and Bemis Contract Group for the John Deere Select Series Lawn & Garden Tractors.

The Alliance of Plastics Processors (APP), formerly the Structural Plastics Division, is a business unit of the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), a trade association representing the plastics industry in the United States.

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