Floating Composite Spa to Open to the Public in Germany

19 February 2007

GranitHarz Deutschland has built a floating spa for a luxury hotel right outside Berlin, Germany, using glass-reinforced composite construction.

Using GranitHarz GRP sandwich plates in the construction process allowed low shell construction costs of 650.000 € (the finished structure had a price tag of about 950.000 €), while retaining the required thermal insulation and frost resistance properties of shell and pontoon.

Key to the project’s low costs is the material used in the construction process. The shell, including the pontoon, was made of GranitHarz sandwich plates, a construction material for floating objects, developed in house. According to Dietmar Biessler, Director of Sales at GranitHarz Deutschland GmbH, “the material allows for advanced design and technologically superior construction of pontoons and other floating structures.”



The especially developed sandwich plate is laminated on both sides by a vacuum process and sandwiches a foam or foam/honeycomb core. A flame retardant has been added to ensure that the material complies with the F30 Fire Safety Standard. The pontoons are also composites made of laminated plates bonded with epoxy and cured.

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