M. C. Gill Corporation Changes Ownership

04 February 2007

Merwyn C. Gill, pioneering founder of the M. C. Gill Corporation, has sold his shares to his three children.

M.C. founded the business in 1945, after the end of WWII, based on his belief that plastics were the materials of the future. M. C. stated that, “It has been the long-term goal for the business to continue as a family-owned business and with the sale of my stock we have assured that it will continue as such. I’ve enjoyed the 61 year long challenge of starting and then successfully growing my own business and I’m happy to pass it on and confident that it will continue to succeed.” He will remain active as the Chairman of the Board – Emeritus.

Stephen Gill commented, “This is the completion of our plan to keep the business in the family. It is also good for the employees, vendors and customers as it lends stability to know that the corporation is going to stay in the family and that it will continue to be run by the same people with the same standards and goals.” Commenting on the future Stephen said, “The future looks bright and we are eager to get into it. “

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