Axson Offerings for Production and Repair Activities in the Aerospace Sector

11 August 2007

Axson Technologies has launched an infusion moulding system and an emergency kit for the rapid repair of composites.

Axson is introducing a complete infusion moulding system that combines EPOLAM 2090 epoxy resin with the GC1 190 gelcoat. This new development combines the resin’s low-viscosity properties with the gelcoat’s high-temperature resistance (transition temperatures as high as 190°C and 160°C post-cure). The mould is infusion-moulded at room temperature, which allows dimensional accuracy by avoiding thermal expansion. Axson say that the infusion moulding process helps cut costs through the use of lower-cost materials for pattern production, shorter production cycles and greater flexibility in task management.

Axson Technologies has also just launched an emergency kit for the rapid repair of composite interior fittings in aircraft, such as air ducts or sandwich panel skins. The new kit is based on the EPOLAM 2500/2501 resin system. The repair kit is self-extinguishing to ABD0031 requirements and Airbus-approved to IPS 04-27-002-01 requirements.

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