Polyurethane Pultrusion Process Coming on Strong

06 August 2007

Inline Fiberglass is now manufacturing window lineals using polyurethane pultrusion (PU) technology.

According to Stanley Rokicki, founder and chief engineer of Inline Fiberglass, conventional pultrusion technology has been around for decades. Inline began to develop fibreglass pultrusion capabilities in 1989, and started manufacturing with polyester resin in 1992. Now, Inline is pioneering the production of window frames using an innovative polyurethane pultrusion process. By pultruding polyurethane resin, Inline say that they can now produce larger, stronger parts, with thinner walls.

To accommodate the new process, Bayer MaterialScience, Inline’s polyurethane supplier, developed Baydur PUL 2500 for use in pultruded polyurethane applications. “From my perspective, Bayer was the only company with the knowledge, experience and resources to bring this about,” claimed Stanley Rokicki. “The fact that we now have the capability to produce lighter profiles that are strong enough to be used in large frames, even curtain walls, is extremely exciting for us. And they’re cost-effective and environmentally friendly, making this a technology we will continue to rely on.”

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