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New Turane Resins from DSM

30 April 2007

DSM Composite Resins has launched an innovative new family of thermosetting resins that combine advanced properties with fast processing speed.

Thermosetting urethane, Turane, is a new group of structural polymers that enable the fabricator to design, develop and manufacture products with an optimized cost/performance ratio. DSM say that Turane resins combine the best characteristics of epoxy resins and polyurethanes in a single composite material., and that the result is excellent mechanical and thermal resistance properties with superior adhesion to fibre reinforcements..

According to DSM, special cure chemistry produces a fully controllable cure profile from slow to very fast. High curing speed capability results from the urethane extension reaction combined with radical polymerization. At elevated temperatures Turane resins have relatively long injection times that allow thorough impregnation of the reinforcement - making them ideal for closed mould injection applications.

It is expected that Turane resins will find applications in many end-segments ; wherever high strength, low weight and fully controllable curing are required.

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