NASA’s Big Presence at SAMPE ‘07

30 April 2007

NASA will join SAMPE in Baltimore, Maryland, June 3-7, 2007 at SAMPE '07 with a large booth offering one-on-one technology discussions with SAMPE '07 attendees throughout the week.

In addition to their prominent show presence, NASA’s Director of Innovative Partnerships Program Office Douglas Comstock, will be the keynote speaker Tuesday, June 5 and technical briefings will be held on Wednesday, June 6.

The NASA technology briefings, being offered for the first time since 2004, are an excellent opportunity for SAMPE '07 attendees to learn more about NASA’s current technology advances in advanced materials and processing areas. During this unique session, NASA will provide in-depth technical presentations, featuring their most recent advances and discuss technology transfer possibilities. NASA Headquarters, NASA Glenn Research Center, NASA Kennedy Space Center, NASA Langley Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center are providing the overview presentations.

In addition to these focused technology presentations, NASA engineers and scientists also are presenting a large number of technical papers throughout the 51 sessions being offered at SAMPE '07.

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