Pescarolo Le Mans Team & Huntsman to Develop New Car For 2007

23 April 2007

Huntsman Advanced Materials has agreed a major sponsorship deal with Pescarolo Sport, one of France’s leading Le Mans teams, to supply advanced adhesives and rapid prototyping materials for the development of an innovative new car to race at the world-famous Le Mans 24hour Endurance Race in June 2007.

Huntsman Advanced Materials has a strong track record in prototyping track winning cars, having previously supplied Araldite adhesives and RenShape rapid prototyping materials for the TVR Typhon; for Hendrick Motorsports’ NASCAR racing cars and for Picchio in Italy for their Daytona race cars.

For the Pescarolo Sport project, Huntsman Advanced Materials will be supplying a range of products, including their latest tooling board – BM 5055 - and making their technical support team’s prototyping expertise available to the Pescarolo engineers:

  • RenShape BM 5055, a new epoxy board developed for pre-preg tools. With its fine surface structure, Huntsman say that BM 5055 offers excellent machinability and good dimensional stability. It is also heat resistance up to 140degC.
  • RenGel SW 18/ Ren HY 2404 / HY 5159 gel coat resin. This temperature resistant epoxy system can be polished to a high gloss finish and is also styrene resistant.
  • Araldite 2014 two component epoxy paste adhesive can bond a variety of substrates. High strength and gap filling (no sagging up to 5mm thickness), Araldite 2014 is highly resistant to water and chemicals (including petrol and oil) and temperature resistant up to 120degC. This makes it able to withstand the more aggressive and high stress environments Pescarolo’s Le Mans car will have to endure over a protracted period.
  • Araldite 204 is a one component foaming adhesive originally developed for use honeycomb core materials used in aerospace applications. It comes in extrudable paste foam and expands to fill voids. It can be used at temperatures up to 120degC.

Michel Elkoubi, who is overseeing the Le Mans development project at Pescarolo said “we are delighted to be working with Huntsman Advanced Materials on this very exciting new Le Mans car. There is a long way to go before we get to the track but with Huntsman Advanced Materials generous support – both products and technical expertise – I’m sure the result will be another winning car for the Pescarolo team at Le Mans in 2007.”

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