Brandt Goldsworthy Award

23 April 2007

nominate the Pultruder of the Year 2007.

Delegates may each submit 3 names of persons who have made a great contribution to the Global Pultrusion Industry over the last years. The six persons, who are named most, will receive a formal request to agree to their nomination and are proposed to join the Conference. During the Baltimore Port Dinner Cruise, after a final selection by the official Conference Committee, the winner will be announced.

The Award is named after Mr. Brandt Goldsworthy, considered by many as the inventor of the Pultrusion Technology. The industry owes a huge debt of gratitude to Brandt for his creations, his visions and most importantly his pioneering spirit.

The Global Pultrusion Conference is held in Baltimore on June 6/7/8, 2007 and coincides partially with SAMPE 2007 (June 5/6/7),

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