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New R&D Centre in Bangalore for LM

15 April 2007

LM Glasfiber has celebrated the opening of the company's new R&D Centre in Bangalore, India at an official inauguration ceremony attended by representatives of the government of Karnataka, leading local universities and research institutions.

The new R&D Centre marks the start of a new global innovation and technology push to expand LM Glasfiber's R&D capacity and capabilities and reinforce a commitment to support a growing number of customers worldwide. The site is the third node in a growing R&D network that already has existing R&D Centres in Denmark and the Netherlands.

""For years our global manufacturing reach has enabled us to offer our strategic customer base a unique possibility of sourcing blades locally on all main markets. With our R&D Centre in India we are globalising our innovation and technology activities as well,"" said Frank V. Nielsen, R&D Director LM Glasfiber.

""We are determined to attract and employ the best global blade R&D talent. We will do that by tapping into the best talent pools where they exist and by creating the industry's most vibrant and effective global blade R&D environment with exciting international career opportunities. Across the world we think differently. We will cultivate and use our diversity combining it with LM Glasfiber's world leading expertise and know-how to accelerate our drive for innovation and ability to continue reducing the cost of wind energy to the benefit of our customers and power consumers worldwide.""

The R&D Centre, which will employ more than 40 engineers by the end of the year, will specialise within the fields of Finite Element Method (FEM) - used for complex structural blade design analysis - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - used to perform the millions of calculations needed to simulate the complex airflows around rotor blades and Computer-aided Design (CAD) for product development.

""India is an excellent innovation and product development location, and in Bangalore, LM Glasfiber has access to highly qualified engineers that will make valuable contributions to our global R&D programmes. The new development activities will also allow LM Glasfiber to collaborate more closely with leading technology companies, universities and institutes in India in order to diversify our global access to skills and know-how,"" said Nirmal K. Gupta, General Manager of LM Glasfiber India.

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