Water-Based Mould Release Provides Easy Release for Filament Winding

12 April 2007

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories has introduced a new water-based mould release, MoldWiz WB-2700, suited to the filament winding process.

The new release is a silicone-free emulsion of fatty acids, polyolefins, and surfactants in a water vehicle. The product contains no hazardous materials -- making it safe for both the user and the environment. MoldWiz WB-2700 is a 10% active release product that can be easily diluted, if desired.

In a trial, MoldWiz WB-2700 was introduced in a wet winding process employing epoxy resin. The polished steel mandrels were initially prepared by applying release with a hand-pump spray bottle and then simply wiped with a cloth to evenly distribute the release over the mandrel surface. The results were excellent with the first mandrel released cleanly and easily from the mould.

Following the trial, all of the mandrels in production were converted to MoldWiz WB-2700. After the initial release preparation, MoldWiz WB-2700 is used in dilute form (50% water/50% MoldWiz WB-2700), with one coat applied prior to each wrapping cycle.

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