PPG Introduces TufRov 4510 for Polyamide Long-Fibre Technology

12 April 2007

PPG Industries introduced a new fibreglass roving product, TufRov 4510 continuous-strand fiber glass reinforcement roving to the long-fibre-technology (LFT) product line.

Manufactured by PPG at facilities in Wigan, UK, and Chester, SC, US, TufRov 4510 fibreglass reinforcement roving for long-fibre polyamide applications started production at the end of 2006. Designed specifically for compatibility with polyamide resins, TufRov 4510 fibre glass reinforcement roving “provides excellent performance in a variety of long-fibre polyamide processes,” according to Greg Benckart, PPG general manager, reinforcements.

The new product offers excellent spreading of the roving bundle and good wet-out for thermoplastic pultrusion (G-LFT) and modified wire coating processes, Benckart said. “The sizing on the fibre surface provides a good balance of dry strength, fibre resin wetting and minimal sizing rub-off at process contact points,” he said, “and the roving offers improved hydrolysis resistance in long-fibre polyamide compounds.” Benckart added that the product is well-suited to direct moulding of long-glass polyamide end products (D-LFT).

“PPG is actively supporting growth of the worldwide LFT market by creating products such as TufRov 4510 fiber glass roving,” he said. “We are among the leaders in the industry, and especially in this fast-growing segment, because we continue to emphasize technology development that helps us more effectively serve a broad spectrum of customers.” PPG also announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd., of Nanjing for the marketing and sale of their HS2 and HS4 high-strength, high-modulus fibres in the Americas and Europe.

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