Gurit Introduces In-Mould Surfacing Solution for Blade Manufacturers

12 April 2007

Gurit has developed Sprint IPT, an all-in-one, in-mould surfacing solution for wind turbine blade production, to reduce manufacturing time and make prepreg blade production increasingly cost-effective.

Many manufacturers of composite components currently adopt prepreg technology to produce composite blades and Gurit supplies epoxy prepreg and gelcoat products to produce these high quality parts. Sprint IPT incorporates the individual benefits of both products making a unique all-in-one solution based around Gurit’s patented Sprint technology.

SPRINT IPT is a multi-layer product, supplied on a roll, comprising of a Sprint triax material and new surfacing film. When cured, Gurit says that the film provides a tough and abradable surface that can be painted directly onto, thus reducing production time, costs and increasing product quality.

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