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Austrian Raw Materials Specialist Presents Basaltic Fibre Technology at JEC

12 April 2007

Basaltic fibre technology from ASA.TEC was presented for the first time at JEC,as an alternative to glass and carbon fibre that has exciting potential for the future.

“In addition to extreme tensile strength, chemical and temperature resistance it is above all the ecological recycling that is a powerful argument for the potential of basaltic fiber technology”, emphasizes Michael Reiser, Commercial Director of Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH with its headquarters in Ohlsdorf, in Upper Austria.

Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH was set up to push ahead the research and development project “Basaltic Fibres” within the Asamer Group, now launched under the brand name ASA.TEC. ASA.TEC is investing in basaltic technologies for the future at corporate locations in Austria and the Ukraine.

The corporate group owns and operates over 20 major quarrying sources of basaltic rock throughout Europe. This direct access to the sources means that different chemical compositions can be sought out on a targeted basis from the mineral deposits for use in many different technical applications.

ASA.TEC is the brand name of Asamer Basaltic Fibers GmbH, a subsidiary of the major raw materials specialist, the Asamer Group. The Asamer Group has some 3,100 employees worldwide and had a turnover of 300 million euros in 2006.

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