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Woven Pre-forms with Fillets Developed

09 April 2007

Biteam has developed woven T and Pi cross-section beams with fillets, which will be exhibited at the JEC Composites show.

Direct weaving of profiled pre-forms with fillets strengthens the joints and thereby improves the load-bearing capability of a composite material for structural applications. Profiled pre-forms having slender walls together with fillets at their intersections offer significant increase in performance and open up new application areas.

Weaving profiles with fillets allows users to expand a given cross-sectional profile family to make available different types of that profile to choose from. For example, the pi cross-section profile can be woven with the fillets at either outer or inner or at all corners and thereby the most advantageous solution for a given application could be selected. Producing fillets in pre-forms directly during weaving also eliminates the time and effort associated with reinforcing the joints with stitches, pins or rods.

Biteam will exhibit the novel filleted T and Pi profile pre-forms at JEC Show 2007, Stand K-64.

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