Axson Technologies Offer 4 New Products

09 April 2007

At the JEC Composites Show 2007, the Axson Technologies Group is launching four new products, one for each of its Composite division’s specialities.

For Models: Lab 975, A New Epoxy Tooling Block
Axson Technologies has just added Lab 975 to its range of epoxy tooling block. Lab 975 can be used to produce highly stable models at lower cost, as the finishing steps take less time. For the first time, a soft, smooth surface finish that is compatible with all epoxy paints used to obtain a mirror finish is available on the market.

For Moulds: Epolam 2090 & Gc1 190, A New Complete Infusion System
Axson Technologies is introducing a new complete infusion system that combines Epolam 2090 epoxy resin with the GC1 190 gelcoat. This new development combines the resin’s low-viscosity properties with the gelcoat’s high-temperature resistance (up to transition temperatures of 190°C and to 160°C post-cure). The production of large, high-temperature-resistant moulds is a new focus in the marine, aeronautical, and renewable-energy sectors.

For Parts: Epolam 2500/2501, An Airbus-Certified Product
Axson Technologies developed its Epolam 2500/2501 resin for the rapid repair of interior fittings made in composite – for example, air ducts or sandwich panel skins. Epolam 2500/2501 is self extinguishing and has already been Airbus certified. It is sold in the form of kits (including an emergency kit designed to be stored permanently on board) soon available on the market.

For Assemblies: Adekit A180, A New Grade for The Adhesive Range
Adekit A180 is a stiff epoxy adhesive with excellent mechanical properties and very good high-temperature resistance up to 150°C, with applications in the structural bonding of engine components, or of carbon components to metal ones. Once it has been opened, Adekit A180 keeps its properties for 100 minutes, long enough to fulfil the requirements of complex assembly or creation of large parts. It is twice as strong as similar products, and its gap fill capability is also better. It has a shelf life of 12 months, compared to only six for the adhesives already on the market.

“Axson Technologies has made use of the Group’s international operations to globalise. “It has 12 subsidiaries throughout the world, including six in Europe, three in Asia, one in the Middle East and two in the Americas”, said Lionel Puget, chairman and managing director of Axson Technologies. Thanks to the location of its production sites, Axson Technologies can offer its customers a genuine innovation partnership with a local response, so that global design & tooling, composite, adhesive and dielectric solutions that are customised to the greatest possible extent can be made available to them as quickly as possible.

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