Infusion Demonstrated for Structural Marine Parts

03 February 2006

Saint-Gobain Reinforcements & Composites, Assocompositi and Cantiere NAUTIVELA srl, have developed the hull of the VIF (Italian Sailing Federation) 555 school boat in an infusion process.

The point of the exercise was to show that it was possible to obtain good parts with the right combination of products, resulting in high performance in processing time, reproducibility and mechanical properties of the finished laminates.

The structure is based on a sandwich made with SG Reinforcements Chopped Strand Mat, Unifilo continuous filament mat for optimum resin flow speed, and ±45 & 0/90 Biaxial fabrics for high mechanical performance.

Process characteristics, mechanical properties and surface aspects were analysed by Saint-Gobain Reinforcements’ Application Centre for Closed Mould Processes in Besana Brianza, Italy.

Infusion and mechanical trials showed how this technology optimised the resin/reinforcement ratio in terms of surface finish and mechanical properties.

The support of Assocompositi and its industrial members enables development and dissemination of composite processes, in particular infusion technology, towards small and medium sized companies that do not have enough resources to achieve a technological breakthrough internally.

This case study is being presented during the fourth edition of the marine show, Seatec in Marina di Carrara, Italy at the time of writing.

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