BYK-Chemie Focuses on Nanotechnology

03 February 2006

BYK-Chemie will be presenting its nanotechnology based additive range for the first time at nanotech 2006 in Tokyo later this month.

BYK-Chemie has been heavily involved in the development of nanotechnology from the start and is consistently setting new trends in this area. “We recognized early that this technology will open up completely new horizons in the paint and plastics industry,” Dr. Roland Peter, Chairman of the Management Board BYK-Chemie, states. In close collaboration with Nanophase Technology Corporation (NTC), USA, BYK-Chemie has been developing nanotechnology based additives for paint and plastics systems since 2004.

Nano-additives noticeably improve the scratch and abrasion resistance of (UV-cured) surfaces and contain at the same time all the other major coating properties like gloss, shade, flexibility and adhesion. The first series of nano-additives, Nanobyk, has already been successfully launched on the market and is to be exhibited at the show.

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