PAM-RTM Makes Composite Hulls for Poncin Yachts

27 January 2006

ESI Group's PAM-RTM simulation software has been chosen by Poncin Yachts, a French boat manufacturer to support its programme of resin transfer moulding and vacuum infusion for making composite hulls and decks.

Poncin Yachts is developing and producing a modern range of 9-to-15-metre-long sailing boats using high-performance and computer-controlled tooling organised around resin transfer moulding and vacuum infusion. ESI Group's PAM-RTM software has made it possible to design and develop new tooling for composite-material production lines using closed mould technology.

Patrick de Luca, Head of Composite Materials Solutions (ESI Group), says, “With PAM-RTM, Poncin Yachts is henceforth able to anticipate potential manufacturing problems which could not previously be simulated when voluminous parts were being designed.”

Poncin Yachts, a newcomer to the French boating and sailing industry, will be able to use this system thanks to a technological partnership with specialists in composite materials and the use of engineering applied to industrial systems. The work was entrusted to the Pole de Plasturgie de l’Est competitiveness cluster, which made considerable use of resin injection simulation on fibrous reinforcements with ESI Group's PAM-RTM software.

Poncin Yachts has invested more than €17 million in its factory, and has recruited more than 170 people since the beginning of the project

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