Intec Obtains FAA Authorization for Shipping Containers

29 October 2006

Integrated Technologies (Intec) has recently obtained FAA authorization under TSO-C90c for design and manufacture of their damage tolerant, lightweight, composite ProWall ULD aircraft shipping containers.

Intec’s ProWall ULD’s are made with an advanced lightweight thermoplastic structural material system that can be formed into a continuous shell. This material is a continuous E-Glass fibre with a blend of polypropylene and polyethylene thermoplastic matrix. The ULD with holes in the photo was taken as part of the TSO FAA testing. The container was inverted and the bottom (attachment) of the ULD was rotated to the top.

Then 9,840 lbs. of test weight was placed within the container and it was lifted by the cargo restraint bumpers in 4 places with 2"" wide cargo hold downs. After successfully completing this test several times, the ULD was then drilled with large (see photo) holes and the test repeated to asses the real world toughness with damage that far exceeded anything that it would be subjected to in service. The ULD continued to function perfectly and passed repeated lifts with ease.

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