Automated Testing of Carbon Fibres

29 October 2006

Zwick has developed a completely automated solution for testing carbon fibres, allowing testing around the clock without the need for end tabs.

The machine operator manually loads a magazine with specimens, and the system takes over the handling of each specimen for all further steps of the testing process. The robot removes the specimen from the magazine and places it into the specially designed pneumatic grips of the testing machine. The testing machine is an electromechanical table-top machine with a capacity of 20 kN and equipped with an extensometer for the measurement of strain. The specimen remains are also disposed of automatically at the end of each test.

As with all Zwick robotic testing systems, their testXpert software controls all of the control parameters for the test which can either be entered directly in a remote quality management system, or automatically online. At the end of the test, testXpert either prints the results in a test report, or exports to an external data base, Microsoft Office, or alternatively the results can be stored as an ASCII file together with all test control parameters.

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