Fibrwrap Completes Successful FRP Bridge Strengthening Project

24 February 2006

Fibrwrap has completed a large scale bridge strengthening project on the Jamestown - Verrazano Bridge in Rhode Island using the Tyfo SCH Carbon Fiber Fibrwrap System.

The bridge spans 7,350 feet (2,240 meters) over the west passage of the Narrangansett Bay connecting the towns of Jamestown and North Kingstown, RI.

“The Jamestown bridge project presented many difficulties, from access of the interior and exterior work area to inclement weather conditions. The field crew were especially creative in regard to overcoming these obstacles, which led to a successful completion of this high profile project.” Heath Carr, President, Fibrwrap Construction Inc.

The Verrazano bridge construction is a double cell post-tensioned girder which supports four lanes of traffic on State Highway 138. The bridge was found to be deficient in shear strength in several critical areas located near the existing column bents. Fyfe Company’s Tyfo SCH Carbon Fiber Fibrwrap System was specified to provide the additional required shear strength to the bridge structure. The SCH Fibrwrap System consists of high strength carbon fibres that are combined with an epoxy matrix and bonded to the existing structure to provide additional capacity.

The design for this project called for the FRP System to be installed to the internal and external faces of the concrete girder. This proved challenging as access to the inside of the girder was only available through manholes and the exterior of the bridge could be reached only by extensive scaffolding and lifts. The light-weight nature of the Tyfo Systems allowed for easier access by making it possible to carry all of the required materials by hand to the locations needing reinforcement.

Fibrwrap Construction Inc. uses advanced composites, or FRPs (Fibre Reinforced Polymers) to add strength and ductility to structures that are in need of upgrade, repair or rehabilitation. Structures include bridges, concrete and wood piers, buildings, pipes and other structures.

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