ICC and Kookaburra Agree to Withdrawal of Carbon Bat

19 February 2006

The International Cricket Council has confirmed that the Australian bat manufacturer, Kookaburra, had agreed to the immediate voluntary withdrawal of its graphite reinforced bat from international cricket.

The offer was made after the ICC informed Kookaburra that it had received an opinion from the guardian of the Laws of Cricket, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), that the bat contravened Law 6 and, in the MCC's view, was illegal.

With several players in the world currently or soon to participate in international cricket matches, Kookaburra has undertaken to re-supply all international cricketers with alternate bats as soon as possible and the ICC has accepted its assurances that this will be done with all possible speed.

Ricky Ponting, pictured, was one of the bat’s most high-profile users.

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