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Reinforced DCPD Used for New-Generation Swimming Pool

26 November 2006

At the International Swimming Pool Fair 2006, Terinjec premiered Nouvelles Piscines, a new concept for a modular, linerless swimming pool, consisting of panels made of reinforced Telene DCPD, a new composite material.

With Nouvelles Piscines, Terinjec and Telene SAS have improved the modular pool system by eliminating the wall liners (these are replaced with a smooth, shiny factory finish) and offering the possibility for pool decoration, up to now limited to concrete pools. Ceramic tiles can be glued to the panels, for example, to decorate the water line.

“Our customer can now propose pools that are not limited by terrain and accessibility constraints, yet which meet stricter aesthetic and durability requirements,” explained Alexander Daemen, President of Telene SAS.

The project grew out of a twofold technological advance: first, the perfecting of a Telene DCPD formulation reinforced with mineral fibre, which was adapted for use with In-Mould Coating, a painting process for reaction -injection-moulded parts.

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