JEC Review: New Matte Finish Water-Based Mould Release

02 April 2006

Axel announced a new water-based semi-permanent mold release that yields a consistent matte finish on moulded parts.

The new Axel product is designed to provide release for many parts without requiring reapplication of the mould release. The most significant feature of this new semi-permanent mould release is that it ensures that a matte finish can be maintained on the parts produced throughout the moulding cycle. This is particularly important in applications like wind blade production. “In the past the surface of each part that was produced exhibited more sheen than the one previously moulded. Now, that W-7837D is used, the fifth part appears just as matte in finish as the first”, says Nancy Teufel, AXEL’s Global Product Manager.

XTEND W-7837D is an aqueous emulsion of proprietary resins and reactive surface modifiers. The product can be applied by spraying or wiping on to the mould surface at either ambient or elevated temperatures and allowing a brief cure. The new mould release is said to be suitable for use on a variety of mould substrates including FRP, aluminium and steel, and can be used in the production of polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy parts processed at temperatures up to 425°F/ 220°.

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