Somos NanoTool Composite Resin Now Commercially Available

19 November 2006

DSM Somos has announced the commercialization of NanoTool, the third generation of Somos composites stereolithography (SL) materials.

Heavily filled with non-crystalline nanoparticles, DSM says that NanoTool allows for faster processing and reduced finishing requirements that speed part production, as compared to current composite SL materials. NanoTool has a flexural modulus of 10,500 MPa, a heat deflection temperature of 260°C (at 0.46 MPa after thermal post-cure) and linear shrinkage of less than 0.001”.

According to DSM, NanoTool SL parts demonstrate the best sidewall quality of any composite SL material on the market today. Better sidewall quality reduces the amount of finishing time required to sand layer lines, making the material more attractive for applications that require highly finished parts—such as wind tunnel testing for Formula 1, rapid tooling for injection moulding, and metal plating for prototyping metal cast parts.

“NanoTool delivers superior sidewall quality, excellent detail resolution and is very easy to finish. Overall handling is very similar to non-filled resins,” says Ralf Deuke, Director of German-based service bureau Alphaform AG.

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